Hey Soul Sister!

Just an update on the pregnancy journey

As I drove home from work this past Monday afternoon, my mind did what did best…. it dazed off into thought. I had a big ultrasound later that evening and it had been nearly 10 weeks since I had last seen what my little bambino looked like. It was also an important day because we’d be able to find out whether our bambino was a girl or boy. As I imagined how different life would be during Thanksgiving and Christmas time, Train’s Soul Sister song came on the radio and interrupted my thoughts. And with that …  my intuition of having a boy changed. Oh yes, I am a firm believer of signs…

My thoughts then shifted to my brother, when him and his friend Archie gave a friendly table toast to “big sisters” at a friend’s wedding this past May. I guess it won’t be so bad having a girl first.

This ultrasound was actually a nerve racking experience. I wish they would’ve prepared me for how long it was going to take. Nearly 45 minutes!! And the whole time Ron waited outside while the tech did her thing. I tried to focus on the Disney stickers on the ceiling above… but the cheerful smiles of Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse were not helping one bit. Why was it taking so long?? I started to think the worst, so I closed my eyes to say a prayer… and instantly I saw my Lola Nene… sitting across a wooden table with a black and white top, and her famous red lipstick. She didn’t say anything, all she did was smile, and that was comforting enough.

Shortly thereafter, the tech said she was finished and called Ron in. She said everything was “okay” and that the baby “looked normal” but working in the medical field, I knew better… The final report would come from the radiologist, who would then report off to my midwife. It didn’t matter though, because her words and ultrasound pictures at the moment were reassurance enough. Oh and she did confirm (but gave a 20% disclaimer) that our bambino was actually a bambina!!


The very next day, my midwife called me to give me a detailed, final report. Everything was in fact, okay with the baby, but I did have a low-lying placenta that was just about knocking on the door of my cervix.  They would be monitoring for this in the upcoming weeks (usually as the uterus gets bigger, the placenta migrates upward away from the cervix). So for now, I was given particular instructions on what to monitor for, but most importantly, I was told to “take it easy“, which meant, stop dancing in my living room! 😉

Happy Wednesday!

Gladys jem - Aww, congratulations on the baby girl Kristine! She’s going to b lovely! What are you going to name her? Xoxo

Anda - Congrats, Kristine! Sooo exciting. Miss you! xoxo

Lindsey Joy - Kristine this is so exciting!!! Congrats and yay for a bambina!!

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