Half Way There…

Last week brought on many things to celebrate! First off, as you may have noticed, my photography business is undergoing brand re-development and I couldn’t be more excited for a fresh new look that totally compliments my style! Originally, I had planned to launch both blog and website at the same time, but since my blog can’t really take a break to be placed *under construction*, i thought I’d go ahead and launch my blog first!

Secondly, I’ve finally reached 20 weeks gestation which means, I’m half done with pregnancy!!! My second trimester has definitely been more pleasant than my first. For one, I’m no longer feeling, or looking green, and I’m always on a constant high… to the point where i feel like singing and dancing all day long like nobody’s business.:-)On that note, I’ve also been extreeeeeemely exhausted. So I’ve been having to nap more frequently than usual. I’m also starting to finally feel my little bambina kick, which has been both amazing and weird at the same time! As for cravings (because that’s been a frequently asked question), I’d have to say, Chocolate please!!!

To capture this moment in my life, I had my husband Ron snap a few photos of me over the weekend. To be honest, I was actually embarrassed and shy about being on the other side of the camera. But when I looked back on all of this year’s pictures that had me in it, I realized there really weren’t that many due to the fact that I’m always on the other side of the camera. As for Ron, he was extremely nervous because well, let’s face it, photography is definitely not his thing. Being in the field of anesthesia, he thinks more with the left side of his brain… constantly analyzing the logical and sequential aspects behind every bit and piece of information. Yep, he literally holds people’s lives in his hands every day on the operating table, yet he stresses out when it comes to using my dslr! hehe! This past Saturday, I challenged him to utilize the right side of his brain for 20 minutes.  Here’s what he produced (with a little bit of metering direction from me of course!) …. Should I be worried?! lol!

Orange County Maternity PhotographyOrange County Maternity PhotographyOrange County Maternity PhotographyOrange County Maternity Photography

I know I have a small bump, and I’ve managed to avoid maternity pants so far…  but she’s in there somewhere… and actually, based on our last ultrasound, her weight put her at a few days ahead of schedule!Orange County Maternity Photography
Here’s my handsome hubby,I was using him to meter and input my settings in this photo. Funny thing is, he suddenly mustered the confidence to consider a Ron Atienza Photography! lol!Orange County Maternity Photography

Happy Monday!!!

Anda - Okay, first — YOU ARE SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS, Kristine! Second, nice job with the photography, Rob. Seriously. Third, your new branding totally rocks. I adore it!!

gladys jem - Kristine,
1st. You are the most stunning future mama ever. Ron captured you so beautifully, but its all because you are just glowing and perfect!
2. LOVE your new branding. It’s perfect for you!
3. Congratulations on all of the exciting projects and upcoming events! You deserve nothing but happiness and a wonderful life!
4. Miss you!


gladys jem - ok whoa, i was writing this comment not knowing that anda had written in first, second, and third. BAHAH love us!

melissa co - Half way there! So excited for you! You look amazing! :)


Chel - You’re gorgeous Sistafriend! Good job Ron! lol

kc - *blush* thanks friends! :) love you guys! xoxo

Ron - Thanks Ladies!!! =P

Jalyn - Mama! I LOVE that logo!!!!!!!! Plus u are so gorgeous! You’re glowing!!! Love it all! Muah!

marie - oh, oh, your mister can roc the camera too. exciting and you, are GoRgEoUs

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