Kristine Atienza Photography gets a face lift!

It’s here! It’s here!! And I feel like a kid on Christmas day! My website has finally been updated at! I was getting nervous to my stomach because I hated having my new logo up on my blog with the older logo on my website. But now I’m relieved that everything’s finally matching:-)

I’ve been itching to re-brand since January now when I attended Chenin Boutwell & the wedding chicks’ StyleLab and Kimberly Wylie and Laura Novak’s workshop. Not only did I get the opportunity to meet some amazing photographers in the industry, but I also got to get their honest insight and input on how my images really spoke to them. And for that, I thank you all for the help in contributing to my new branding:-)

I also wanted to thank the talented Marie of Daisies and Damask for utilizing the feedback (in my ah-ha! book!) from myself and others, and bringing the entire concept to life. She does beautiful work with branding that fits your budget! She knew I wanted a cleaner look that was softer, more subtle, but not without a hint of fun to compliment my images.

So why the dandelion? Well since the bulk of my work is with children, newborns, and maternity (oh and the newly added NICU sessions), it just seemed befitting for that population. Dandelions represent a multitude of things… wishes, happiness, innocence, etc. And with that an array of images come to mind… wishing for a baby, playing in the summer sun, feeling the softness of a infant’s skin or the tenderness of a child’s embrace.  I then had Marie throw in a single pink heart to represent the obvious: love. Cause just like that one Beatles song preaches, all you need is love. 😉

I originally was also going to change to Kristine Cruz Photography (my maiden name) for business purpose and simplicity reasons. And some of you may remember me polling you about it. But after contemplating long and hard about it, I recognized that my husband had alot to do my business. Not only is Ron the manager per say (lol), but he really encouraged (and continues to encourage!) me to bring this business into reality.  I know he has my back, and that he truly is, my biggest fan. And he’s always excited to see my next blog post (because I know I can be bad about posting =X) and give me feedback. So I left the Atienza for him, even if I have to spell it out and pronounce it to clients all the time. 😛

So check out my new website and let me know what you think. It’s definitely alot cleaner and simpler than my previous, and I couldn’t be more happier about that! And of course, if you know anybody in need of a maternity, newborn, childrens, or NICU session…. please send them my way and let me know you sent them:-)

Newborn Orange County Photographer

Joe+Kathrina - Great job on the site! Easy to navigate and and it’s you :) P.s. glad you kept your name as is–my name is hard to pronounce but it’s my name and it’s me, ain’t no changing that fact :)

Kim Ugale - Looks AWESOME Kristine!!! Love the new look..lots of new things are in store for you this year, how exciting!

Emily Steffen - HOOOOORAY! I loooove it so much! This brand reflects you to a tea….and it totally mirrors the style of your newborn and baby photos PERFECTLY! LOVE IT! :)

Anda - LOVE it my dear, love it. I started tearing-up when I read about why you chose to stick with your same business name. SO beautiful :) Miss you!!

marie - oh kristine
your new blg and site are gorgeous. you, my friend, were a PLEASURE to work with. i wish you tons of luck as you embark on your path with a new “identity.”

rock that camera!


Sophia - I love it and love your adorable blog about why you picked what you picked.. a nicu nurse makes you a wonderful artist in your photography passion for life my friend.. and I won’t lie you got some pretty cute subjects.. :O ) YOU are amazing!

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