36+ weeks

I meant to blog about reaching my 36week mark last Friday, but nesting took over… along with my last day of working at the hospital and Lucille’s BBQ.  In any case, the long awaited milestone has finally made it here! Labor and Delivery professionals will tell you that they prefer babies 37+ weeks, but NICU professionals will tell you, 36 weekers generally don’t qualify for a NICU admission unless there are complications. Therefore, any NICU nurse will tell you, that although babies transition better the closer they are to 40 weeks, 36 weeks, is the magic number milestone to reach! (Heck, in some places, it’s 35 weeks!).

In any case, yesterday my OB gave the baby a “green light” to come out and play now that she’s no longer considered pre-term! I hadn’t been feeling any contractions up until that point, only Braxton Hicks. But after saying that, I jinxed myself and started feeling them last night, and it kept me up for a good half hour.

Although I’ll be 37 weeks this Friday, I’m still hoping my little bambina cooks for another 2 weeks… just so I can stay off work longer (and especially during the holidays), since I’m only taking the law abiding 6 weeks of maternity/bonding leave off from my employer hospital.

Ron and I are pretty much ready at home for the baby, and my “maternity bag” for the hospital is making its way to being packed (ok, ok the only thing in there right now is her “homecoming outfit”, haha). My family and good friends have been very supportive when it comes to keeping me fed, encouraging me to walk, and letting me know that they’re only a phone call away. We also took our *maternity pictures* about a week and half ago when I was 35 weeks, and our photographer is expecting to have those up within another 2 weeks or so.

Currently, I’m feeling pretty good, especially with this whole nesting thing… I’m like a cleaning maniac!! Although there are days where I just want to veg out and sleep all day. Its hard to believe that I’ve gained about 24 lbs, and that the scale says what it says… but I’ve been fortunate to be “all baby” up to this point.

As for the baby name, we seriously don’t have a solid name picked out yet, but we do have two that we like, and we’ll probably wait until she’s born to make a decision.

I wish I had a current “belly” picture to share, but until my maternity pictures come in, this will do…

This canvas painting was hand drawn and painted from the heart from a past client and friend, Renee! The amazing thing is, this the first time she had ever painted or done something like this, and she was super sneaky when it came to asking me about our nursery colors. hehehe. Then of course, the picture on the right, is our little bundle of joy at her 30 weeks 3d/4d ultrasound.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

dez - I can’t wait for Bambina to come out and play! =)

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