Happy Birthday Lola!

I still remember my very first OB appointment back in April of this year. Pending the confirmation of a safe uterine implantation, we were absolutely elated to share the news with our families! That same morning however, we received word that my Lola (Grandma) Nene had just passed away in her home country of the Philippines. In that time of sadness, Ron and I debated on whether or not to wait, or to share the news anyways. Then we witnessed the remarkable as our midwife turned the ultrasound screen towards us.. “for a life loss, a new one beginsdo you see the heart beating?“ Another miracle later ensued when we found out that one of my cousins was also pregnant and due only a week after me!

Fast forward to present day, November 18, 2010. Today my Lola would have been 83 years old if she were still alive. Yet in death, she is still able to captivate the family she left behind with her same influential aura of love. Her words still remain the same, “Always love one another, and always be a good example.” This is why I think we’re all the way we are. Hugs are given freely, “i love you’s” are said without hesitance, and the natural desire to “keep in touch” despite physical distance has never been a factor. As a matriarchal figure, she could bring all her children and grandchildren together in one place, simply by asking or by her mere presence alone… And today is no exception for the Cruz families who are all celebrating her life in their own special ways.

Lola, we know that wherever you are, you are watching over us as we keep your loving spirit in our hearts while we carry on in our daily lives. We all love and miss you!

While shifting through old photos at my Aunt’s house last weekend, I came across this piece of paper. It was the prayer she wrote down to recite before dinner would be served on our wedding day back in October of 2007. People use to tell me back then that I was lucky to have my grandparents alive and present during our wedding day… But I think the real blessing was having her alive and present during my 27 years of existence… Although she referred to the Lord when she wrote that “we are very happy because you are in the midst of us”, I think that today, in addition to the Lord, Lola, you too, are in the midst of us… xoxo

melissa co - this post almost mae me cry.

Happy Birthday to your Lola.. and miss Eva Jade.

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