Easy Ways to Heal Pregnancy Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

Stretch marks are the narrow, streak like lines which gets developed on the surface of the skin. These lines can be pink in color or red or brown depends on the color and type of your skin. These stretch marks are more common in pregnancy and this will affect 95% of pregnant women. Stretch marks are mostly appearing on the tummy or in some cases it appears on the upper thigh and breasts when the pregnancy progress and your bump in the stomach starts to grow.

The first sign will be the itchiness around the area where the stretch mark appears because the skin over there will start becoming thinner. These stretch marks are not harmful and they do not cause any medical problems for the baby and also for the woman. As the baby grows, the stomach of the mother gets expanded and after birth it will be back to its normal one. That expansion causes these stretch marks and there are no special treatments for these stretch marks. After your child is born, the marks will start to disappear gradually into scars and becomes less noticeable and not completely.

What causes stretch marks?

Easy Ways to Heal Pregnancy Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

Stretch marks are most common one nowadays and this does not affect only the pregnant woman. This seems to be noticed wherever the skin gets expanded or stretched, for example when girls grow during their puberty period or when they gain weight. During pregnancy, the hormonal changes will affect your skin and this change makes you to get stretch marks. Usually the pregnant woman gains about 20-30 kgs from their normal weight at the time of ninth month. This cause the elastic fibers of the body under the surface of the skin to get break which results in the stretch marks.  This will mainly affect the belly and breast, as these two are the growing part of your body during pregnancy.

Is prevention possible for the stretch marks?

You must keep your skin hydrated by applying any moisturizing cream or lotion and this will make your skin look smoother, feels better and more toned. By applying these lotion and creams, it will help you to reduce the itchiness that comes from your growing belly. Mostly the woman should focus on fading of their stretch marks.

Some stretch marks will naturally fade to faint like silvery lines and other stretch marks remains darker and showier, depends on the texture of the skin. The best time to treat this stretch marks are at the stage when they are red lined. At this time, by applying the gel made with mixture of onion extract and hyaluronic acid will help you out. Using this gel for 12 weeks on a regular basis will show a greater change of the stretch marks. Another option is by using retinoid, but this should be in use once your doctor is prescribed because this wont suit for all the skin type.

List of best stretch mark creams during pregnancy

There are creams and lotions available to make the stretch marks fade away and some of the best stretch marks cream for pregnancy is listed below:

  • Burt’s bees mama bee belly butter cream
  • Bio oil
  • Body merry’s stretch marks and scars defense cream
  • Mederma stretch marks therapy
  • Botanic tree purely natural triple action stretch mark deterrence

Burt’s Bees mama bee belly butter cream

When it comes to stretch mark cream or lotion products, it should be safe and effective. This stretch mark lotion is especially designed for the pregnant woman as it will nourish the belly both before and after pregnancy. This cream will make your skin smooth and soften as it is made with the natural ingredients. When you apply this cream on a daily process, this will support your skin to recover after the pregnancy from the stretch marks. This is a fragrance free lotion, non-irritating and is made with natural products.

Bio oil

If you feel that we can apply oil over the cream or lotion, bio oil is the top selling one. It is clinically proven by the dermatologist and tested in the laboratory. This not only removes the stretch marks but also it improves the dull aging of the skin. This oil is made of blend of oils which helps to add moisture to your skin.

Body merry’s  stretch marks and scars defense cream

This cream is the best option for the pregnant ladies as they avoid the stretch marks scene altogether. They does not possess any side effects and make you relief from the stretch marks and gives way to fade quicker. It works by firming and moisturizing the skin and helps to keep the skin hydrated for a long period of time. This contains natural ingredients and it has been formulated to deliver an intense hydration and protection to help out with rough skins. As this contains vitamin E, C, B3 and B5 to plant stem cells, seaweed and rich oils, it is safe for all the skin types.

Mederma stretch marks therapy

This product is a paraben free, nourishing lotion formula which combines the ingredients like cephalic, hyaluronic acid and a plant extracts. This product is advised to be used during breastfeeding also. This gets relief with the stretch marks and has been tested clinically as a safe product.

Botanic tree purely natural triple action stretch mark deterrence

This cream reduces and also prevents from getting stretch marks and scars as it is being made with healthy and the natural ingredients. It is a fragrance free one and cause no side effects for both the mom and the child. This is the most suggested product by every doctor and the regular use of this lotion will help you to get out of the scars sooner. This lotion is considered as the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy by Amazon. This is a USA made product, and it is loved by the moms who uses organic products.