Eva Jade’s Newborn Session

Of course my daughter would be my most difficult newborn to photograph.. Of course!! And it later made sense why… I usually request that my client mothers stand back when I do their newborn sessions… This is because babies smell their mothers and are instinctively wanting their comfort and more importantly, their milk supply.  That being said, I tried every trick up my sleeve to get Eva to fall asleep but she literally wanted to eat me throughout the entire session(s)! This is why it took me 2 days to photograph her, when my average newborn session only takes 2 – 4 hours!

Regardless, we got it done and I hope she appreciates these photos later on in life! :-) We didn’t get any “family pictures”  of the 3 of us together, but fortunately, Eva modeled for a newborn posing class a few days later where aspiring photographers were able to capture our first “family picture” (more on that later).

Anyways, here’s my faves of my sweet baby girl at 5 and 6 days new, taken by yours truly. Can’t believe she’ll be one month old on Christmas Day!

these first two images were used for her birth announcements…Eva Jade’s Newborn Session Eva Jade’s Newborn Session

If you’ve been following my pregnancy story on this blog, you’ll know that my grandma (Lola Nene) passed away the same day we first heard Eva’s heartbeat at our initial OB appointment. It appears that our Lola left her mark on Eva with the small shallow sinus above her left ear. Family members on my Lola’s side have inherited this marker including my Lola, my dad, myself, and a few of my relatives. Although medical textbooks will say that this sinus is associated with congenital defects, ear infections etc, etc…. really, this marker, which again, has been passed down from generation to generation, is as harmless as the dimples on our cheeks.Eva Jade’s Newborn Session Eva Jade’s Newborn Session Eva Jade’s Newborn Session Eva Jade’s Newborn Session

this last image is credited to my husband Ron. ;-)

Happy Wednesday!!