How to Practice Feeding Your Baby?

When breastmilk time is not enough, I need to start thinking about introducing the first feeding for babies. How to make your child excited and not afraid when he comes to meals? Check out the following advice from our

The time to start feeding babies

Monitor your child’s weight

Pediatric researchers believe that the optimal time for weaning is at 6 months of age. Because now the digestive function of the intestine and the ability of the kidneys to eliminate the kidneys are quite complete, ready for eating in addition to milk. On the other hand, the need for minerals such as iron and zinc can start to be deficient at about 6 months of age if the baby is not fed properly.

Thus, when the baby is over 5 months old, the mother needs to monitor the child’s weight gain more closely. Normally this time, your baby will increase about 100g – 150g per week. If the baby continues to gain good weight, the mother should wait until 6 months of age to start learning to feed the baby. If your baby tends to be retarded, even though he has breastfed his baby the most or is eating all he should, he should start feeding him earlier.

Discovered the expression “Mom, I want to eat miles”

  • After breastfeeds, the baby still cries and asks for more or wakes up in the middle of the night to breastfeed.
  • Squeeze your tongue in and out as much or chew the tip as adults
  • Babies are excited when they see adults eating: The eyes focus on adults taking food, chewing, and swallowing food.
  • Limbs wobbly want to hold food

Prepare tools for feeding babies

his depends on what method the mother will plan to use for solids. If weaning in the traditional way is quite simple. Just grinder is the most important. If you eat Japanese-style food, it will be more sophisticated.

But in general, mothers need to prepare the following:

  • A baby snack chair
  • Flour pan, food dividing equipment
  • A set of weaning tools for babies such as bowls, multi-plate plates, spoons, cups …
  • Blender, food sieve
  • Baby bibs, bucket towels or wet towels to wipe baby’s mouth during the feeding

Mother prepares knowledge about weaning

Mothers should prepare themselves for weaning knowledge such as food should and should not follow each weaning month, the amount of food for each meal … Read and refer to the baby’s weaning book as “weaning without tears” “,” Weaning is not a war “or” weaning Japanese style “for an overview of weaning.

Principles when feeding baby first time


Eating the first weaning is only a snack for your baby, breast milk is still the main source of nutrition for babies up to 12 months of age.

About time

For the baby to cooperate best, the mother should choose the time to eat away from the baby’s daily breastfeeds. Because at that time the amount of milk was digested, the baby is feeling hungry and hungry. Certainly, the cooperation of the baby will be better.

Principles of quantity

The first meal is just a meal so mom should adhere to the principle of feeding only a small amount of 5ml of weaning powder, which corresponds to about 2-3 teaspoons. The number of meals is 1 meal/day. After the baby has cooperated and got used to the first amount of food, depending on the ability of the mother, the baby may increase.


The first taboo in the baby’s menu is that the dough is too thick. Because at this time, the baby will invite-only unfamiliar food, so it can choke on food, which could lead to danger.

Mothers can choose vegetables with delicious flavors which are ideal food for the baby’s first meals. Examples include pumpkin, sweet potato, cove beans, leeks, and leeks. Soft fruits like bananas, mangoes, avocados.

Observe your baby when he or she is learning to eat solids

Feed your baby only when he needs it

When your baby is craving for signs such as mouth cloves when they see an adult eating, looking at food, or when they can sit well.

Pay attention to the baby’s time and mood

The time of day for weaning for the first time should start from breakfast because after a long night makes the baby hungry stomach will crave more, the baby will be more excited. Do not give your baby solid foods when he is sick, fever, or refrain from feeding or when his stomach is full.

Also, the time for baby to practice weaning should not exceed 30 minutes.

Do not forget perseverance

When choosing baby food, if your baby does not like spitting up, moms should give your baby another try, not giving up will lead to baby picking up food later. Statistics show that, for children to get used to new foods, the average mother may have to give the baby 5-10 tests. Be patient, Mom!

Know to stop at the right time

Mom should pay attention to signs when the baby is full such as: shut up when she brings the spoon close, spray food, or turn away …

Handling non-cooperative situations

During the weaning process, the mother will encounter problems such as not cooperating, eating, and spitting it is very normal when the baby starts to eat weaning. So moms need to prepare mentally to persevere with your baby to get used to this.

  • If your baby spits food, brush away or lick around the mouth with his hand. At this time, Mom should stop and wait for the next meal. Do not force your baby to eat. Because it will scare the baby and do not want to go to the next meal anymore.
  • If your baby is choking or choking, this usually happens the first time he eats. Please stop eating and check to see if the powder is sufficiently thin. At the same time reduce the baby’s feeding rate slowly and give more water if needed.
  • Or maybe your baby will even go loose after the first weaning. Do not worry, watch your baby for the next 3 days.